The Story of Shieldon Successful Folding Knives Collaboration with a Trade Company

The Story of Shieldon Successful Folding Knives Collaboration with a Trade Company

Shieldon has been one of the well-known folding knife manufacturers and OEM service providers for more than 10 years.

Being a key player in the global market, Shieldon was willing to explore new business opportunities and started to search for reliable and long-term collaboration with a trading company.

This time, they have worked with a successful trade company, and the collaboration has been a great success so far.

Here is the story behind the successful collaboration with a trading company that could inspire others to make their business easier and more successful.

How did the Project start?

This customer, who has worked in the trading industry for years and specializes in outdoor tools, kitchen tools, homewares, tablewares, and clothing from his home country selected some of Shieldon’s items from a recently issued catalog.

They inquired about logo engraving services, color-changing options, packaging solutions, and international shipping availability – probing beyond the surface in order to make an informed decision.


In the end, they decided on seven products from the collection: two folding knife, multi-pliers, a bike repair tool kit, two EDC tools that are portable and lightweight as well as a golf fork.

Regardless of the amount, Shieldon treats every customer with respect and faithfulness. The company strives to provide a high-quality shopping experience for all customers.

What is the Role of Shieldon in the Success?

Shieldon plays a vital role in the success of this collaboration. 

Shieldon’s strong OEM experience, professional service, and wide product categories provide a one-stop purchase for customers.

Specifically, the trading company chose Shieldon for these reasons: product comparison, prototyping, packaging, and shipping.

Product quality comparison

The customer’s switch to Shieldon as his supplier was primarily due to the poor quality of a bike repair tool from their former provider.

When he showed some glitches in the product, Shieldon experts noticed numerous defects and flaws on its surface. 

This solidified the decision that Shieldon is vastly superior in terms of item excellence compared to other suppliers.


Subsequently, the customer provided a sketch and asked that his items fit in this nylon bag.

Fortunately, Shieldon has produced thousands of nylon bags over the years and is well-equipped to handle such requests.

After completing the initial draft, the professionals were able to create a prototype of a comparable nylon bag.

With some further refining and fine-tuning of the prototype, the specialists created an exquisite nylon bag that the customers found highly appealing.

Packaging and shipment

For the folding knives, the customer requested a Kraft paper box with a black foam interior. This type of packaging will house the goods securely and safely in an attractive manner.

Shieldon’s experts strive to meet every unique customer’s expectation and make sure they are satisfied with their professional work.

Thanks to Shieldon’s extensive experience in manufacturing and trading, all the experts are well-equipped with the resources needed for creating this package box.

Shieldon is known to quickly identify what each customer needs, ensuring they get exactly what they want.

To make sure you have a successful shopping experience that meets expectations and more, selecting Shieldon as your knives and tools supplier will be an excellent choice!

Narrative of the Manufacturing Process

Shieldon’s professionals use 3Cr blades combined with stainless steel handles that have beautiful color printing for these small-to-medium-sized knives.

Each piece of the knife features a ring, designating it as a canabin.

This allows you to conveniently hang it on your backpack or belt while engaging in outdoor activities.

Despite its small size, this blade is perfect for simple cutting and opening tasks outdoors without any difficulty when preparing meals or woodcutting are not required.

The customer made an excellent choice with this folding knife, crafted from 3Cr steel and aluminum handle outfitted in different colors.

Its half-saw edge was designed to effortlessly cut ropes or branches without requiring too much effort, while jimping along the spine of the blade makes it comfortable for daily use. This tool is sure to make any task easier!

This EDC tool was designed with the customer in mind. It features a can opener and bottle opener, as well as a cannabis grinder and an inconspicuous blade concealed away.

When going camping or hiking, this indispensable device is essential to keep you prepared for any of your outdoor needs.

Selecting the best parts for the customer’s bike repair tool was paramount, so the experts diligently sorted through mass production to sort them out one by one.

This tool is created through the molding process, making it possible to produce hundreds of them per day.

Though there may be slight variations in appearance due to industry standards for metal craftsmanship, alignment differences as small as 0.01mm or color discrepancies are expected and accepted.

Shieldon’s goal should be to choose the best finish that meets customer expectations while still allowing an increase in the unit price due to inevitable variation.

The customer’s purchase of a coin knife and its subsequent best-seller status on Amazon reflects the current market trend.

This multi-tool is seemingly indispensable in this day and age due to its portability, usefulness, and overall popularity – no wonder it has been one of the top-selling items in 2022!

Once completed the customer’s JQ-0314 order, Shieldon’s experts carefully placed every detail on the tray for onward assembly.


Crafted from aluminum and coated with a vivid anodized color, the body of JQ-0314 is considered to be more art than science.

Nailing down each piece requires precision—if all variables aren’t precisely managed, such as temperature or machine operation time, this part will inevitably end up misshapen or discolored.

The professionals at Shieldon randomly checked the sizes of the parts. During production, there must be a difference of 0.1 mm or less between the finished parts, which is fine for the industry. But it’s still important to do random checks to make sure the difference is within the range.

If one part is very different from the others, like by 0.2 mm, it should be thrown away because it can’t be put together with the other parts.


If you are looking for reliable OEM services, Shieldon is one of the best in the market today!

They have years of experience in the field of metal crafting and have crafted a successful collaboration with customers who are looking for quality yet affordable products.

Shieldon takes the extra step in the production process to make sure that each of its products meets industry standards and customer expectations.

With a team of professionals who dedicate themselves to perfecting every detail, this company can guarantee the highest quality of products.

In the end, Shieldon’s success story lies in its commitment to excellent customer service, attention to detail with its OEM services, and a consistent effort in delivering products that meet the highest standards.

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