Joe Biden’s Buy American push is good politics but bad economics

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images Biden speaks about American manufacturing after touring the Mack Trucks Lehigh Valley Operations Manufacturing Facility in Macungie, Pennsylvania, last week. CNN —   With votes in the Senate to advance his bipartisan compromise last week, President Joe Biden took a big step toward upgrading America’s infrastructure. And he took a small step

What really counts? How the patriarchy of economics finally tore me apart | Economics

… is the economics profession a functionary and tool of patriarchy – or is patriarchy a functionary and tool of economics? – Marilyn Waring Economically, the rupture of 2020 showed us two things: that our lives depend on care work, especially the unpaid care work still mostly done by women; and that another way is

The Behavioral Economics Manifesto Gets Revised : Planet Money : NPR

Nudge: The Final Edition Richard Thaler hide caption toggle caption Richard Thaler Sure, the book Nudge may have become a cultural phenomenon that ended up selling millions of copies. And, OK, it resulted in hundreds of governments and countless companies around the world adopting its concepts and methods. And, yeah, its co-author Richard Thaler went

The economics of deep trade agreements: A new eBook

While multilateral trade negotiations have stagnated and tensions between major players have surged, bilateral and regional agreements seem to have run away with the trade agenda. There are over 300 agreements today, up from 50 in 1990. Most importantly, many of these agreements have extended their reach well beyond tariffs, aiming to achieve integration beyond

Here’s why it may be time for much-maligned home economics classes to make a comeback

The oft-misunderstood field spans science and nutrition and promotes that cooking and cleaning is undervalued as a form of labor. Home economics has been a “back door for women to enter science” that turned into an “empire of jobs and influence,” Danielle Dreilinger writes in “The Secret History of Home Economics.” Home economists can be