IMTS 2022 Conference: Manufacturing Leans Towards Lasers

IMTS 2022 Conference: Manufacturing Leans Towards Lasers

About the presentation
Today’s manufacturing operations are complex with increasing product variants, changes in demand, and lead time requirements. Further, as computer numerical control (CNC) machining evolves toward done-in-one processes and the supportive device and data system integrations become more common, the necessity for smart operations planning is of paramount importance. Compounding constant conditions are the sustainability and skilled labor challenges. Establishing a production environment that’s resilient and flexible is the goal, but what are the best ways to achieve that? How does a manufacturer build in flexibility, yet also profitability? The short answer: with the proper tools and mindset. Nathan Turner will present field-proven ways to produce small, high-mix batches economically by combining the efficiencies of physical movement, process integration, production planning, and employee engagement.

 Participants in this dynamic session will learn:

• The three building blocks for economical batch manufacturing: automating physical movements, production planning, and process integration
• How to automate multi-functional machine tools and integrate secondary operations such as finishing, washing, and metrology
• The emerging and exciting automation technologies, including AGVs, 3D printing, and 5G connectivity
• How factory automation helps attract and keep talented employees

Powered by AMT and managed by GIE Media, The IMTS 2022 Conference features 69 different sessions you won’t want to miss so register today. Focused on a range of topics that include process innovation, plant operations, quality/inspection, and automation, The IMTS 2022 Conference addresses improving productivity; improving part quality; and developing a stable, competent workforce to lower the cost of manufacturing in the United States and create new levels of market demand.

Meet your presenter
Nathan Turner, president of Fastems LLC, has more than 30 years of experience in automation technologies. Prior to joining Fastems, he held leadership roles at Rockwell Automation, including director of business development; director of integrated architecture – EMEA, which involved a three-year assignment in Belgium overseeing Europe, the Middle East, and Africa; and director of product development. Turner also served Beijer Electronics as director of sales, marketing, and product management of the Americas. Other engineering and management positions include Miller Electric, Automation Inc., Mitsubishi Electric, and Yaskawa America. Turner holds a BSME degree in Mechanical Engineering at Northwestern University, and has continued to develop and enhance his knowledge with focused courses in product management, distribution, sales, marketing, and finance. He often speaks to international audiences on engineering and advanced factory topics.

About the company
Fastems is a supplier of CNC automation solutions for variable batch production, also known as high-mix, low-volume manufacturing. We’re an open integrator with more than 40 years and 4000 installations of experience with more than 90 machine tool brands. Fastems typically automates 3-5 axis milling machines, turning and turn-mill machines, grinding machines, and more. Our MMS control connects to various data systems and is praised for its production planning and resource management features. We integrate and automate measuring, washing, marking, finishing, and various other devices or processes to be part of our intelligent CNC automation systems. We also offer deburring and robotic finishing cells (RFC) and robotic systems for automated part loading to/from pallets (ALD). Solutions for cutting tool automation including pre-setters are also included.

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