Financial service suspected of long-term crimes

Financial service suspected of long-term crimes

A number of people suspected of using rural banks in Central China”s Henan province to commit a series of serious crimes have been detained, local police said.

Some funds and assets involved in the case have also been sealed, seized or frozen in line with the law, according to a statement released by the public security bureau in Henan’s Xuchang city on Saturday.

It said that the police had filed an investigation into the Henan New Fortune Group, a financial service platform for the capital market’s data analysis and reference providing, for its suspected crimes on April 19.

The preliminary investigation has found that a group of people, led by the company’s actual controller surnamed Lyu, are suspected of using local rural banks to commit crimes since as early as 2011, according to the police.

Considering the long duration and complexity of the case as well as the involvement of such a big number of people, the police said that they would put more effort in the probing stage so that criminals would not escape punishment.

The efforts to recover stolen goods and losses will also be increased to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the people, it said.

More findings and details about the case will be disclosed in a timely manner, it added.

The investigation received high public attention after Chinese media reported that several rural banks in Henan allegedly lured depositors in with much higher deposit interest rates than those provided by the country’s major State-owned banks.

In April, those banks in Henan have closed their online services and the Henan New Fortune Group, a shareholder of the banks, was placed under investigation.

Some depositors have also made complaints online or to media that their health code turned red for non-epidemic reasons, suspecting local authorities of tampering with the health code to restrict their movements and attempts to get their money back.

On Friday, the discipline inspection and supervision authorities in Zhengzhou, capital of Henan, said it had launched an investigation into the complaints about “health codes turning red”.

The authorities said that anyone violating or abusing power in implementing the Henan provincial health code management regulations for epidemic prevention and control will be held accountable and strictly punished in line with the rules of the Communist Party of China and the law.

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